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Apostle Dr. Machelle Foster

Also known as the “Mentor-Extraordinaire”, Dr. Machelle Foster is a Certified Master Foundational Coach and Founder of Pass the Baton-Pay it Forward, LLC  Mentoring Program where she offers coaching and mentoring services and served many across the globe; individually, in group settings and workshops. She is also the Program Director of Titus2homes of Texas Inc, a Transitional Home for women, both young and seasoned who have been missed and dissed by society; overseer of Transformational Ministries of Texas and Founder of Weapons of Warfare Book Publishing, where we Create Tools for Future Use.

Dr. Machelle is compelled to continue her journey by rightly dividing the word of truth that initiates change through her transparent teaching; which further welcomes the opportunity to mentor, coach and train in personal development, self-reflection, spiritual edification and certifying other coaches. She is passionate about what she does in assisting others build across the globe.

Dr. Machelle is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, and motivational speaker. She is also a published author and minister of movement. She is a firm believer that, whatever good thing is taught, can be taught to others.


To develop spiritual maturity, personal growth and help you discover purpose so that you will spill over as productive citizens and greater servants unto God; thus, creating a stronger team that becomes a force for the Kingdom as a life and not death.

We are here to help you “Get Your Life On Track!


Pass the Baton-Pay it Forward leverages the Word of God and our call to Him where we have implemented a functional mentoring curriculum to deliver encouragement, motivation and to build the lives of women.


Mentorship is important in every aspect of being a Kingdom Citizen. From the character of Christ comes the conduct of being Christ-like. If we choose to accept the baton and follow Him, the values of our daily walk will drive spiritual, emotional and mental progression and positive behavior that influences others. It’s important to know that we cannot lead others where we have NOT been, or go where we do NOT know the direction.

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